Code Enforcement

The City of East St. Louis is excited to announce MUNICIPAL GOVERNANCE! Our New Regulatory Affairs Court allows us to demand a CLEANDER and SAFER East St. Louis because we have the power to enforce compliance while improving our capacity to serve you better.

WHY? It’s our duty to protect your public health, safety, and welfare in and outside existing building used for business or dwelling purposes. These ordinances regulate:

  • Abandoned residential and commercial structures, which may contribute to deterioration in the community
  • Abandoned or inoperable vehicle on public and private property
  • Illegal dumping and Accumulation of trash and junk
  • Minimum housing standards for existing dwelling, and environmental conditions which may contribute to deterioration in the community

The Code Enforcement Division provides fair and efficient enforcement of The City of East St. Louis’ ordinances through an administrative adjudication process. This means we are enforcing home rule by taking on the responsibility of holding ourselves and the community we serve accountable to quality of life.

Notice of Violations for an ordinances shall be issued via CESL Code Enforcement Division containing the codes and ordinances which were violated, the court date, and details regarding your next steps.

Common complaints reported by citizens include abandoned houses and vehicles, structural defeats in dwellings, unsafe housing conditions, inoperable vehicles and appliances or junk stored on the property. Concerned citizens are encouraged to contact CESL Code Enforcement Division at 618-482-6000 ext.. 1797 or 618-482-6791 to file a complaint. The Department of Regulatory Affairs can also be contacted at 618-482-6000 ext. 1722 or 618-482-6722.