The Communications Section is a significant component of the East St. Louis Police Department, providing a vital link between the community and its police officers. Communications personnel are often the first person someone in need of emergency assistance has contact with. Communications personnel interpret the individual's needs and coordinate the response of appropriate services to meet those needs. These highly trained individuals are responsible for providing assistance to callers; 911 emergency, alternate emergency and business lines.

Dispatch & Radio Channels

In addition to answering the multitude of phone lines, communications personnel are tasked with dispatching calls via radio and a Computer Aided Dispatch system. They also monitor different radio channels. These radio channels include all of the frequencies utilized by the various units of the department, local government and other allied agencies. With the state of the art equipment available to the dispatchers, they can directly link any East St. Louis Police Department officer with officers from other area agencies on a unified channel. This radio link capability is especially useful during vehicle pursuits into other jurisdictions and when responding to mutual requests for assistance.