Major Improvements

The following are areas of improvement and best practice that will be continued in the Treasurer's Office:

1. Evidence of required bonding
2. Timely filing of Treasurer Monthly / Annual Reports
3. Enhanced Daily Cash Receipts Reconciliation Documentation
4. Revision of the 2019 Cash Management Plan
5. Elimination of Bank Service Fees
6. Enhanced Returned Check Collection Policy
7. Elimination of the redeposit of returned checks
8. Increase in fees of returned checks
9. Implementation of procedures to improve the timeliness and accuracy of cashreceipt entries
10. Implementation of procedures regarding the processing of wires for payrolland disbursements.
11. Implementation of acceptance of payment cards
12. Elimination of Dormant and Unused Bank Accounts
13. Consolidation of Bank Accounts
14. Rebuilding City's Investment Portfolio
15. Re-establishing Relationships with Local Banks
16. Acquiring Disposal Certificates to Destroy Multiple Years of OutdatedRecords in the Vault
17. Updated Certified Investment Policy
18. Continuous Work with both MFT and External Auditors to Expedite PreviouslyUn-audited Years (2016-2018)
19. Updated Internal Controls of Cashier Cage
20. Implementing a Check Acceptance System in order to eliminate returned checks