Public Works


The East St. Louis Public Works Department is responsible for the overall direction and coordination of many essential services. These responsibilities include:

  • Managing the designing, constructing, operating and maintaining roads
  • Managing capital projects
  • Providing general engineering and building regulation services

The Department of Public Works oversees the activities and cordinates manpower for the Sewer and Streets and Roads in addition to maintaining the City's physical holdings. Included in the responsibilities of this Department are project planning, equipment and supply procurement, documentation and budgeting.


The Department’s key objective is to meet the needs of the city residents and ensure that infrastructure and facilities comply with the standards and expectations set forth by the City Council.


The Department’s goal is to offer the highest level of service to city residents no matter what challenges are presented.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide and maintain the highest quality public works services and facilities for the residents and businesses in the City of East St. Louis. Public Works is committed to providing reliable and responsive services to the community in a safe, respectful, and cost-effective manner, being ever mindful of the public trust. Each employee is accountable for providing professional services that are in the best interests of the City of East St. Louis.